Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It isn't a hat, it's a cap

Just know that when you're having the, "It's NOT a skirt, stupid, it's a KILT.", that you aren't fooling anybody. A Kilt *is* a skirt by definition. You'll do better to stop arguing and start educating. In the consciousness of society there are things that are decidedly male garments and things that are decidedly female garments. Men don't wear bras or string bikini bathing suit tops. Women don't wear... Ah... What don't women wear? Ties? I think I've seen women in ties... Hmmm... The thing to remember is that in our gender confused world is that most garments are worn by both sexes at the right time and place. The best example for the Men in Skirts idea is hats. There are men's hats and women's hats. Some of them have different names, but they're all hats. If someone says, "Hey! I like your hat!", it's kind of silly to say, "It isn't a hat, it's a cap." Just take the compliment and move on. Educate them! Save them from the slow strangulation of their manhood by the evils of modern fashion!
 The bottom line is that there are skirts for men and skirts for women. Even those without much fashion sense ought to be able to tell the difference in about two seconds if you point it out to them.


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