Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Road Higher Consciousness

Do you seek a happier, healthier life and one that is more fulfilling? If so you must look within yourself, and gain some degree of understanding.
Do you like what you see? How do you feel? Do you condemn yourself for lacking in something? Do you demean yourself for not having enough? Do you feel that you aren't good enough? Do you feel you need more material goods? Are you are always coming up short? Or maybe you feel that you aren't measuring up to a particular standard of norm that people in general have decided / considered to be the norm?
Far too often people will allow themselves to be told they are abnormal or don’t fit the norm, when in fact the very person making you feel that way is only looking to elevate themselves.
No two people are the same; yes we can have similar likes, taste, but we are separate in many more ways. Being different is the true normal that is what everyone should accept. Break free from the stigma of being something other than yourself. No one really cares what you wear, eat, drive or where you live. They are looking only for the comfort they themselves can’t find.
You are on a path called life. Sometimes you end up on at dead end, you have to start all over again, or end up on a road that takes you not where you thought it would. Life is like that. You are only here for a short time learning. 100 years is a drop in the bucket when it comes to the bigger picture of it all.
What will you reflect on in your last days? I hope I can look back and be happy, laugh at silly things and know I enjoyed my life. A memory of regret, missing small things that may have made a simple day a great one... not something I think would enjoy.