Monday, January 25, 2010

Not everyone likes kilts... so what!

Not everyone likes the idea of men in kilts, and you know what?
That’s Great!!!
The world is made up of all types. No one person gets to decide what is best for everyone! Thank GOD for that.

On one end of the scale of wisdom we have the enlightened ones who understand on a deep and personal level that all life is an illusion, matter is merely condensed energy and we are one great consciousness experiencing.
On the extreme other end of the scale we have those who live their lives in an unconscious stupor, blindly accepting whatever social morays and practices they happen to have been exposed to as children without question and getting very upset indeed when it turns out that not everyone agrees with their particular set of beliefs. (guess you know how I feel about this one)
People like this are unable to comprehend the concept of being wrong. But more importantly, they buy into the idea that everything is either right or wrong. They are unable to see that nature, which has borne man, is a lover of variety. Very few things in nature follow strict laws of duality, as those who would put clothing into “men's” and “women's” boxes would like.

These people lack the empathy to imagine themselves as they would be if their lives had been different. They seem to believe that, had they grown up in a dung hut in Africa, they would have naturally adopted a Western gender appropriate style of dress (without ever having seen it,) worshiped the Christian God they would have never heard of, and followed the model of the one man, one woman nuclear family, in spite of that being rare among many African tribes.

If you honestly believe that the culture and customs you grew up with have some divine moral backing, you're an idiot. Seriously!!! If you believe the styles of dress which are currently common amongst the people of your local geographic area in this particular era are somehow more moral and proper than any other form of clothing one's body, then I actually wonder how you manage to get through the day without swallowing your own tongue.

It is a great big, wide world out there, and all cultures and customs are different. If it does no harm, then, what right do you have to say it is right or wrong? If it brings joy to people, then, what right do you have to judge it against the template you were handed at birth and declare it wrong? Are you truly so blind? Or does your narrow focus give you a sense of peace in this wild and beautiful world which is rocked by constant change. Those who fear the nature of life itself are often unable to deal with variances from whatever was taught to them as being proper. They'll never question it, because questioning it would open the door to the chaos of the real.

So what should you do if you don't like men who wear kilts? I recommend taking the same approach to it as you take to the rest of this beautiful, chaotic and wonderful world. Put your fingers in your ears, squeeze your eyes tightly shut and shout “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” at the top of your lungs.

Oh look! It went away!


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